Sunday, September 11, 2011


As previously posts attest, I have a bit of a weakness for Amigurumi.  Specifically I seem to be working my way through the Amigurumi (Cozy) book by Lan-Anh Bui and Josephine Wan.  My friend's little girl (and my little girl's bestie) was visiting recently and I told her she could choose something from it and I would make it for her.  I was 100% sure she would pick the Ballerina Bunny (and she did) but she also came up with the fabulous idea that I should make three of them - one for her, one for her newborn little sister and one for my little girl.  The fabulous bit of that sentence is only half sarcastic - it is a lovely thing to do and these toys look super cute in bunches (or bundles?) as evidenced by the monkeys...So as demanded, I made three:

As you can see I haven't quite got the hang of faces - they are totally the hardest bit!  The first one I made is (obviously) in the middle, so at least I can say I got better with practice!  Here is a close up of the one with the nicest face:

And a close up of the tutus which were very cute :)

And the lovely ladies with their bunnies.  My daughter (left) hasn't stopped carrying hers around yet which is gratifying, and my friend reports the same for her daughter.

Then the girls realised who was really the cute thing in their midst and paid Ava the attention she deserved...

So much gorgeousness!  

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