Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick bubble skirt

I made this in about an hour after finishing Issy's sundress.  This is the Make It Perfect Playtime Skort pattern.

I made it in a slightly stretchy fabric I picked up a spotlight (no idea what it is...).  You can't really see it here but in amongst the lines is actually a flowery pattern - quite subtle but a bit of a change from the usual fairies and princess ballerinas.  

I think you could make this in a normal non-stretch woven easily - it is reasonably generous and the waist is elasticated anyway.  I chose to make the stand alone skirt (you can make one with inbuilt shorts but they seemed a bit pointless).  The "bubble" is created by a difference between the lining and outer skirts.  The outer is longer, and is looped up underneath to meet the lining, then a thin elastic sewn into the seam.  I like it and Issy seems to find it comfy.  The only real change I made was to bring the waist up (it's kind of a drop waist thing) as she tends to push it down under her tummy which would make it too long. 

As you can see, she liked it :)

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