Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tutu Bag

One of my little girl's best friends is turning five next week.  She is a very (very) girlie girl and they enjoy dancing and pretending to be ballerina fairy princesses together (no idea where she gets that from!).

I have had this free pattern (the link to the free pattern google doc from vintagericrac is here) sitting ready to make for a while.  Originally I planned to make it for Issy's 5th birthday in May but I saw it there last week and spur of the moment decided to make it for Bella.  I might still make it for Issy too, as she has already asked for one about a million times!

Here is my version of the tutu bag:

The bag is made entirely from my stash of somewhat grotesque fabrics which the less discerning ballet-obsessed five year old would love.  My friend donated most of this to me I think...the outside is pink ballet slippers on a sugar pink background.  The lining (not shown because I am useless at taking pictures) is a creamy coloured background with a sort of flowery ribbon motif on it.  The straps are darker pink with ribbons on.  I think the three fabrics are all part of the same range. 

The skirt is made of some pink bridal tulle which I had in my stash (there is a sentence I never thought I would type!).  The pattern specified a particular dimension of tulle and I modified this slightly to be around the same length but I think there is an extra layer in there to add extra pouf.  While I followed the pattern and  constructed the bag and then hand sewed the skirt on, I am not seeing any reason that I couldn't machine sew this on after making the main bag but before sewing the lining onto the bag.  The main bag and lining are sewn together with the bag inside the lining, so perhaps the skirt would add too much bulk for it all to fit inside and allow me to sew around the top?  I will nonetheless try it next time (and report back).  I will also add an internal pocket onto the lining before adding it to the bag next time I think (for the precious gems!).

The trim is an addition of my own (the pattern has a diamante button under the V, which I didn't have).  I had this trim sitting in the box from when someone had a sale on somewhere (it was a dollar) and it looked like the perfect gilding on the rather pink frilly lily.  It looks coloured in these pictures but in fact is kind of see through sequin things at the bottom of the beads.  I used a honeycomb stitch on my machine to hold it in place and stop the top edge rolling over where it curves (this is ribbon not bias so less suited to the curvy bits).  I actually quick like the honeycomb and would use it again elsewhere.  

 So there is the beautifully girlie tutu bag - I hope the young lady in question likes it!

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