Thursday, March 22, 2012

WIP - on the needles

This is the first year I have got my act together been a bit organised about what I might want to make for the upcoming season (winter).  In the knitting realm I am making the kids a couple of jumpers / cardigans each, plus some things for me as follows...

What I want to make for Marcus (all from this Bouton d'Or French knitting book):

Very cute and stripey and hopefully a quick knit, plus one of the ones below (not sure which yet).  Probably the zippy one in the middle on the left, though I like the beige coloured one the kid is wearing in the picture too.  I even have the wool bought for the stripey one, which represents supreme organisation for me!

For Issy, I want to make one plainish (but looks lovely) cardigan like the one below.

And again - I already have the wool (a total score at Evandale market).  I think this looks snuggly without being super bulky, partly due to the shape around the bottom edge.

Excitingly, I am nearly finished the bolero the girl is wearing below:

As you can see I am using a Bendigo woolen mills wool (Melody in Dusky Pink - sadly a limited edition which isn't around anymore).  It has a bit of lycra in it, which I am hoping means this will keep it's shape well.

I love the colour and this pattern is elegant and girlie without being super complicated to knit, aside from the part where I had to email the pattern publishers in French to check their pattern was wrong.  It was, and I worked that out from their reply (also in French) which pleased me greatly!

The shot below shows the colour of the wool much better

And here is a confession of sorts...does anyone else have to do this to keep track of where they are in the pattern or is it just me who obsessively crosses off each row?

Finally I purchased two rather naughty patterns for me (not yet arrived) from Purl Soho.  I bought the Julie Hoover "Chaleur"

Picture from Purl Soho site

and also their perfect fit socks:

Both of which are rather naughty purchases as I have heaps already which I should be doing, but I have wanted the socks for ages and the top is just divine.  I hope it looks that good on me!

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