Monday, April 2, 2012


So I am meant to be making party bags for Issy's 5th birthday.  But instead I have made Marcus a coat (buttons yet to be finished), cut out a coat and dress for Issy, learned how to continental knit and have allowed myself to be totally distracted by Ric Rac patterns.  A friend at Brown Owls was making the Kinder Girls on Saturday and all of a sudden I found myself in possession of the Kinder Girls pattern:

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And the Disco-Bot pattern:

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Thank heavens I didn't see the Gulliver pattern there or I would be in possession of that too:

And I recently invested in some of the Aneela Hoey A Walk in the Woods fabric range

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which means I really probably need to get this lovely Little Red doll made to go along with the duvet cover I plan to make from the fabric...

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I sense some doll making in my future!  AFTER I make the party bags (honest...)

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