Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two exciting Hobart developments!

I have been on mission finish-some-things-off recently.  I have been successful, but managed to misplace the SD card for the camera...so no pictures until I give up on looking and buy another.

Meanwhile two super exciting things have happened in Hobart in the past week or so.  Firstly, we have a new yarn/wool shop.  A new shop full of insanely gorgeous yarns.  Yarns you only read about.  Yarns to dream about.  The shop is called The Stash Cupboard (website inconveniently under maintenance when I went here earlier today; they are also on Facebook here.  The shop is light and airy and full of loveliness.  They have Cascade, Jo Sharp, Debbie Bliss and also a fair bit of locally produced yarn, one called (I think) Tarkine which was just beautiful.  I came away with three balls of Sausalito by Crystal Palace Yarns.  You can see the colour here.  I am going to use it to make these:
I can't wait (in fact, despite having many projects on the go already, I didn't wait and already cast on for the first sock...naughty).

Not content with making my week with a new yarn shop, I casually called into a newsagent I don't normally frequent on Friday on the stupidly slim off chance they would have something I have been looking for.  And here it is:

Actually not this one on the top, the other one hidden underneath (Feb 2012)

I am so ridiculously excited by this.  The issue was February, which is a little out of date, but this is heading into Spring so I can use it to sew for 6 months time.  I am not fashionable enough that I feel like I will like radically different things by Australian springtime!

Amusingly, I was so excited that I found two copies.  One was green with no proper spine and the other was white with a proper book-style spine.  I couldn't discern the difference or even easily see a month of publication so I grabbed them both, thinking I would work it out later.  Quite often here places will have February and March of a magazine simultaneously - one fast tracked from the place of publishing.  However on the way back to work, I did work it out...same magazine, same month, one English...one German!  I laughed (a lot) at myself and managed to talk the newsagent into refunding me for the identical but still unreadable German version :)

I am so happy - new treasure trove of yarn AND a magazine I have been after for ages has been sourced!  Good times :)


  1. You found a Burdastyle in Hobart? Do tell where, pretty please. German would be fine ;-) I've been looking in the windows at The Stash Cupboard but am cautious of going in there in case I am seduced by the yarny goodness, as an erratic knitter I have great likelihood of buying and never knitting.

  2. I love the casual "German would be fine..."! I did it at school but am nowhere near capable of much these days!

    Ellison Hawker (just down from the corner of Liverpool and Murray) have them in German and English! And also the plus size edition and a German version of BurdaStyle "Easy". Not sure if that is a more recent one which they only have in German or just another variant. They are several months behind but that doesn't really bother me as it is European so the seasons are opposite anyway :) I think a new one is due this week around Wednesday so if you get there soon you might score both (they usually leave whatever is left out for a few days).

    The Stash Cupboard is lovely but I know what you mean. Then again, they are called the stash cupboard - a place you go to buy more things for your stash :) The are "nicer" than Spotlight for wool (by that I mean more expensive, but also with better product too and lots of local stuff), perhaps you could allow yourself a small project with nice wool :)

    Happy Hobart Shopping!