Friday, April 26, 2013

KCW update

So I didn't yet post for days 2,3,4... but I have been sewing! I have made most of two Urban Unisex Hoodies and two Cowl Neck Dresses (apparently I am rocking the Heidi and Finn patterns this KCW!).

Annoyingly though, I have also been ill. So I have been super slack in the blogging :( I hope to catch up tomorrow or Sunday.

Meanwhile I am staying at Mum's tonight for some R&R.  But it's still KCW, so I am knitting:

My friend is having a baby soonish, but selfishly has not found out the gender.  So I am making the booties above with either pink or orange blanket stitch, depending on what arrives.

I am also going to make this matching rabbit:

This is super cute. But first (as it's KCW), the booties...

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