Saturday, April 27, 2013

What Kids Clothes Week does to the kids...

Two interesting moments today.

Moment 1:  asking Marcus to model a lovely hot pink striped dress.

Just the shot I wanted for my blog and to check the fit...complete with a nice flash of his monster alien underpants :)

Seemingly wearing a dress is the funniest thing ever.

Moment 2:  Issy drawing a picture of us today.

There's the dog (looking like a cat...) on the sofa at the top, Mummy on the left, Issy and Marcus playing with toys at the bottom.

Let's have a close up of Mummy in that picture:

Yes, I am standing at the raised counter bench area, doing some pattern tracing and cutting.  Significant enough impact on her life that I made it into her pictures...Should I feel bad?  Nah...I am seriously considering making this my profile picture :)

Here it is again once coloured in, as she did such a nice job.

Woo Hoo for KCW!


  1. Great pictures of Marcus - rocking that dress LOL. Love Issy's drawings - hey its KCW week - its to be expected that you will be busy :)

  2. Too funny!!!

    ... and yes... perfect for the profile picture me thinks.

    I'd be feeling way proud of that too... not bad in the least - so much better that she thinks of you tracing patterns and making than sitting on the couch slothing around. Bravo I say.