Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A cushion for my sister in law (with lapped zipper!)

My sister in law has a throw from Country Road which she loves.  She got it in a sale over Christmas but missed out on any of the coordinating/matching cushions.  As part of a rather belated birthday present (her birthday is Australia Day...!) I decided to make her a matching cushion.

The throw is black with a thin white stripe.  So I knitted a stocking stitch front which matches - it's 8 rows of black then 1 of white.  Pretty boring to knit but looks nice I think:

Kelly's Cushion Front

Then I used a piece of black linen which I had in the stash (I think from the remnant table at Tessuti) for the back.

Kelly's Cushion Back

World's most exciting photo there...and what's with all the hairs?  Damn dog...

Anyway, I *was* excited as I did a lapped zipper.  I have only ever done one before, which was on the denim not-really-Chloe pants but I love the look, especially on things like cushions which you don't want to snag on things.
 Lapped Zipper :)

The first time I made a lapped zipper I had Jill from Patchworks to help me through it.  This time I still followed instructions but this time from House on Hill Road.  I have to confess I still almost quite don't get it.  I mean, obviously I do, but I am not sure if I could do this again without instructions.

But who cares?  It looks fab, she likes it, and that's why we have the interwebs :)

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