Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas PJs

I loved the Elk Grove range by Jay-Cyn for Birch Organics, so soft and pretty (Here:, if there is any left!).  I decided to make some Christmas PJs for the kids and their friends from the range.

I used the Alex and Anna Summer PJs for Marcus, and the GoTo Patterns Signature Dress for the nighties. I tried to talk them into some shirring at the waist, but apparently the victorian look is cool with six year olds :)

They also swapped nighties just after the picture, as they apparently both preffered the other colour. Whatever keeps them happy...


  1. The fabric is so lovely and the girls look angelic. Master M looks like The Dude Meister obviously :) Of course now I want to make this too in the exact same fabric. I think you were right mind you with your initial choice - the orange just marginally pips the yellow.

  2. Lovely. I'm loving all the colours.