Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thread Theory Comox Boxers - Pattern Test

So have you come across Thread Theory yet?

They are awesome. Wonderful mens clothing patterns, with an attention to detail and eye for classic yet on trend design which seems impossible. Plus they seem to be lovely people and a fantastically well rounded partnership.

They have the Parkland Collection  from last year (Newcastle Cardigan, Goldstream Peacoat, Strathcona Henley and Jebediah Pants) which rocked. I have the cardigan and pants in the queue, and have a finished Goldstream Peacoat post to come, but before I made that, I was lucky enough to pattern test the Comox Trunks (Boxers).

Thread Theory - Comox Boxer - Back

I don't have a lot to say about this pattern because it's so great. I have never sewn for my husband before, and have never sewn pants before either. One might think that would be a double recipe for disaster, but these patterns are clear and conscise and super user-friendly.

Thread Theory - Comox Boxer - Side

My only words of caution are twofold.

  1. These patterns are annotated / sold as slim-fit or athletic build: they mean it! I am jumping for joy as my husband is skinny, so for me this rocks. For others, it means nothing other than you know where you are with it - adjust accordingly...
  2. Sewing for my husband is oddly compelling. So me-sewing time is a little threatened by how much he likes his pants (and how much my dad likes his Goldstream Peacoat!). I didn't expect to want to sew so much more for the gents in my life: you have been warned...

For this pair I used a plain black cotton (90%) and elastane (10%) mix. This combo worked very well - good stretch, but also good recovery. Nice and comfy apparently!

Thread Theory - Comox Boxer - Front

All up a great sew, and highly recommended by Nick :)


  1. Feeling a bit bad just now... Never made my man a thing. Have been planning to make him a coffee cozy - but still haven't got around to it.

    Live that your man takes your sewing seriously and models fir you. He's a keeper.

  2. Thanks! They were a pretty quick and straightforward sew if you want to dip your toe in the water of man-sewing! :) Just bear in mind the advice about the slim fit! I was quite surprised he was happy for these pictures to be quite so public, but I guess no-one he knows is likely to see them...He is quite good to discuss sewing with and even tolerates the fabric hoarding so some degree - definitely a keeper!

  3. Feeling all British and awkward about commenting on your hubby in his smalls. Anyway looking fantastic - the undies that is. Your hubby's butt is not bad either….bahahahaha.

    1. His butt *is* pleasing and he was very pleased with your comment :) Made him feel better about the comparison I pointed out to the models who are on the pattern release and cover hahahaha.