Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Named Alexandria Peg Trousers (Shorts) - Pattern Test

It's been a while since I got to blog much of what I have been making - a few pattern tests recently and a lot of other life going on!

When Named (Uber-cool Finnish pattern company) asked for testers for their SS15 pattern range Ticket, I jumped at the chance (I literally jumped up and down when they sent my pattern to test!).  In particular, I was excited to see they included 5 plus size patterns in their range (actually 6, as one is a two-in-one).

I tested the shorts version of the Alexandria Peg Trousers and Shorts:

I didn't have many issues with the pattern - it was mostly very straightforward and a pretty quick make.  The pattern is a "three scissors", which means average difficulty - I would say that was accurate.  I had some trouble the first time I sewed the facing onto the edge - the advice in the pattern to handstitch at the top of the vent is a good suggestion!  Once I did that it fitted very well and lay nicely.

I actually made three versions of these shorts (and am looking forward to cooler weather so I can make the trousers!).  The first didn't really work - I used a very lightweight woven and I managed to stretch out the curve of the hem in a most upsetting way.  My bad :(

My second version however, are one of my favourite things I have ever made:

I love them so very much.  The fabric is a very drapey interlock (from Spotlight) which makes them feel more dressy as they are slinky :)  I also like the "sporty" hem, though this version feels smart enough to me that I have worn them out for dinner with heels and felt good.

I look a bit startled in this picture...
I should note that these might be a slightly more relaxed fit on me than if your measurements are true to the sizing - I am between sizes so just cut the larger and was happy with the amount of ease, particularly in the drapey fabric.

My other note would be that these are SHORT!  For me anyway...I am nearly 6 foot tall, so I added some to the length (I think about 1.5 inches from memory).  The curve of the hem means they are still pretty short at the sides.

I then made another version because I live in Sydney and it was summer, so shorts are definitely a good thing.  This pair was out of the Birch Organic Jersey ("Flight").

Annoyingly my hands in pockets thing here is actually pulling them up heaps so they look a bit dodge...

I love this pair for more for daytime, though I wish I had used a jersey which was not light on the underside, as you do see a lot of the back of the fabric, given the side vents.

Here I am again looking pleased with myself :)

I guess my only other comment would be on the rest of the collection itself.  I really love several items in the collection, and I am really pleased to see the company including some plus sized patterns in their range for the first time.  I hope they continue to expand that range!


  1. Do you have room left in your wardrobe for all your new clothes :) Cant wait to see these in person - particularly love the animal print, so damn cool. Grrrrrrrrrrrr is all I can really say ;)

  2. Hi I am making these pants and can't seem to figure out how to do the pockets can you please help me thank you:)

    1. Hi Rina - I can try! I found this step tricky also, the key for me was making sure the inner pocket bag was sewn the correct way onto the front corner piece - it's the opposite side to which might "feel right". Here are the steps as I see them:

      1. Sew the edge which curves IN on the fatter pocket bag piece (the outer pocket bag) to the main trouser leg (these curves will feel like they match). Clip, fold, understitch etc.
      2. Sew the edge which curves IN on the thinner pocket bag (the inner pocket bag) to the curved edge of the front piece. This will not feel like it matches - you are sewing a curve in to a curve out. If you have ever made a drunkard's path quilt this is similar! Use lots of pins, and curve it gently onto the edge. Sew in place, do whatever else they say (i.e. press, clip etc).
      3. Sew the bulbous bits which curve OUT on both pocket bags to each other, joining the front pants piece to the corner piece.

      I hope this helps. Once I had completed those steps I also basted down the outer edge of the pants, so that the corner piece, pocket bags, leg piece would stay together nicely. I think this made it easier to then do the pleats.

      Let me know if this helped!