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A Quickie Boy Quilt

I had some yardage left to fill up a fabric order (can't leave those $7 postage envelopes half full!) and came across some construction fabric (can't remember the range).  A small amount of fiddling later and my 20 month old son is supremely happy with the result... This picture is actually a bit blurry, I now realise so will try and replace it soon.  Regardless, he drags it about yelling DIGGER!  and when I gave it to him he said "Mummy, Marcus, Digger, Blanket" which frankly made every bit of the (admittedly small) effort worthwhile :)

Fairly Princess Ballerina Nightie

Thing One turned four this month (hence the posting at the end of the month as I was busy doing other things!).  At our weekly sewing classes I saw some fairy-princess-ballerina fabric a while ago and steeled myself against buying it.  Then I found a quick and easy peasant dress tutorial ( ) and decided I should make her a flouncy wonderful nightie for her birthday. The pattern was super easy but as they note in the pattern, it's one where it's better to be able to try it on, particularly around the neckline.  I couldn't do this without ruining the surprise so the neck was way too big.  Here it is when finished: Once she tried it on, I just grabbed the neckline and made a bit of a fold, then sewed that fold in place (I figured it was only for bed).  In the end the grab and sew method looked kind of cool and I wished I had done two little folds which met in the middle which would have f

FO - a Knitted Chicken!

One of Issy's oldest friends is a boy from Mother's Group called Jonas.  They have actually always looked a little bit alike - at one point disturbingly so (I got accused of having twins by a random stranger in the park!).  Jonas' birthday is a week before hers and he wanted some more (real) chickens for his gift this year.  Our mother's group tend to buy as a group so people get one bigger thing they want rather than many little annoying presents.  By some cosmic karma, my friend also decided to give me a copy of Claire Garlands awesome book, Knit & Purl Pets. I decided to knit him an indoor chicken to supplement the pressie.  I used a very soft angora wool blend in grey for the body and the just scraps I had left over for the other bits.  I have to say I was seriously impressed by the book.  There are some corrections ( ) but the patterns t

Little embellishment

So Thing One found buttons she wanted in a shop and I succumbed to the pleading and bought them, if only to get her out of there.  I have to say I was actually quite pleased she wanted buttons - she has just turned four and is itching to "help" me with all things craft.  So we bought the buttons and made a little adornment for her twirly skirt as shown below: I found the stacked buttons in the middle in the button tin and thought they would make a nice centrepiece.  I of course realised later that one of those buttons was off her cardi and needed sewing back on but it's too late now...