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Not KCWC: Blogtoberfest (16)

So today I am cheating (or bending time) and blogging something which I actually made the day before KCWC started.  I should have left this to include in KCWC as it was super quick and easy and would have made my items sewn from scratch tally much more impressive than the two I managed...

Ah well.  Part of the Frenchification thingy (yes, my new life aim is super well-defined..) is to try and reuse old clothes I am no longer wearing in whatever way I can.  This skirt is an excellent example of doing that with quick results:

Looks a bit odd with the t-shirt tucked in :)

It used to be this skirt.  Which apparently needed an iron...

I got all excited and forgot to take the before cutting picture

This skirt was both a bit short and a bit tight.  I can do one or the other, but not both.  Not a good look for me :)  I loved the colour and never quite wanted to do away with the skirt.

I cut off the top bits with the zip and so on, leaving me with a big rectangle, which was already hemmed at the bottom and seamed at the sides.

I stitched a half inch turning guide and ironed over on the raw edge:

Stitching a bit wibbly here...

I folded again about an inch and pressed it, then sewed around a scant inch (to form a casing), leaving a few inches gap:

I fed elastic through the gap, and tried it on the small person to get the sizing right.

Then sewed the elastic ends together, being careful not to twist the elastic and then sewed the gap closed.

Ta-da!  All done within about 15 mins :)

See you tomorrow!


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