Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Have you met Jessie?

I went to an antiques / collectibles place yesterday called The Margate Train.  It is literally an old train where all the cars have been converted to shops, a pancake shop etc.  I had a day off with just the little lady so we went for a pancake and a sticky beak.


Isn't she lovely?

I am totally in love.  She is much more adjustable than the more modern Singer one I had my eye on in my local sewing shop.  See how the two chest pieces look uneven in the photo above?  That's because they are individually adjustable (not that I have uneven boobs or anything but it's still mega cool...).

The super adjustability comes from it being held together by these adjustable slidery screw things (technical term there...they must have a real name?).   That means I can make it have enormous shoulders (just like me!) as well as adjustable chest and hips and so on.  You can have a broader back and narrower front (or like me, ginormous both).

I haven't looked into the make much, but she will be called Jessie (as she is labelled Ese-Jane or Esse-Jane).

Imagine all the exciting sewing adventures I can embark on now!!!

 Even the dog likes her :)

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  1. Jessie Jessie...be still my beating heart!! She is a beauty.