Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blogtoberfest (21) - My Washi doesn't fit :(

Like everyone else I am a bit smitten with Rae's Washi Dress.  I decided to make one of my very own :)

I should mention right now that I knew it might not fit, and that this was technically the muslin.  I knew I might (more than likely did) need an FBA [let's hear it for the girls...] but wanted to try first without.  I pulled out some fabric from the stash which had been sitting there for years and thought, why not use this?

It's very clear in this ghastly photo but the fabric is mostly purpley grey, with a zig zag stripe of other colours. Annoyingly, as I have made this muslin, I have fallen a lot in love with this fabric, so now I am gutted about my washi not fitting :(

There are no photos of my enormous norgs crammed into this washi.  If I am feeling more brave when I start to unpick and work out how to fix it, then I might take some.  Suffice to say I am (very) broad shouldered, (very) big frame generally i.e. around the ribs and also (very very) large chested.  I think I will need an FBA and possibly also some length in the shoulders and extra width around the underarm.  I will need to change the construction order to make fiddling with these things easier (don't really want to do all the facing etc and then sew the side seams and realise it doesn't fit :)

I am also pretty low on this fabric so I suspect that I will need to mod the pattern so the bodice top is grey and the remainder is stripey.  This means chopping the back in half and repiecing, as the back is cut as a single piece.

Overall I am a bit sad it didn't just miraculously fit, even though I deep down knew it was seriously unlikely.  It would have been a nice dress to take away this weekend (I won't get through the new cutting and fiddling and so on before we go) and I really love the fabric now.  Oh well - it's all part of what I wanted to get out of sewing this year (being able to sew things that accommodate the girls) and it means I get to try doing an FBA on a pattern piece with a bust dart in it!  Yay!

Also - happy birthday to my rather long suffering husband :) am sure he is praying for a well-fitting washi too!

See you tomorrow :)

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