Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blogtoberfest (4) and signing up for things willy-nilly - KCWC

Apparently this is the week for joining things :)  

I complimented (whined at) Ellieboo for her super commitment of Blogtoberfest plus Kids Clothes Week Challenge at the same time.  I was essentially shamed / spurred into joining in with Blogtoberfest by her comitty-ness.  She replied and said something like "you know you want to do KCWC too" and apparently...I do.

So I currently get a 404 (file not found) from Elsie Marley on the link to KCWC 2012 so I can't officially join the list.  But I am in.  I will sew kids clothes for an hour a day next week.  And as I am in Blogtoberfest too...I will most likely blog about it :)

See you tomorrow...

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