Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blogtoberfest (24) - a new Zakka winner!

Sadly the first lady who won the Zakka Style giveaway never contacted me, so instead I picked Milly who said:

My lovely cleaner decided to be extra helpful and cleaned a rather large messy box of scrap fabric INTO THE RUBBISH BIN!!!! :0 There were scraps in there that I had been saving for 4 years, jut waiting for the perfect zakka project. And, yep, you bet I dug in amongst the veggie scraps and got all that fabric out again! My cleaner really is a lovely wonderful lady so I never told her about my exciting adventure exploring the inside of the rubbish bin

I really liked that Milly dug around in the veggie scraps for the fabric scraps, and also that she never told the cleaner!

Hopefully Milly gets in touch and I can send her the lovely book instead!

See you tomorrow...

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  1. Hi Chloe! Thanks for picking me out. My veggie adventures have paid off! I a, very excited to receive your book. I will be in touch ASAP.