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Toys were pretty much it for June

I can't believe I have nearly missed June.  I seem to go through a few days of blog activity each month and then nothing for ages, despite various FOs in the meantime.  So this time I will group them together a bit I think. First up is this: This is dot the dress up box monster from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters  and I made him for my good friend Shalee's little boy Harry.  I wanted to blog him more thoroughly as they use something called the magic loop to knit smallish toys on a large circular kneedle.  Everyone else might know about this already, but I found it to be super cool - a bit tricky at first but works like a charm.  It stops the irritating ladders you get using DPNs (well I get them anyway). His brother wants one too now, so I will do some step by step then as I don't want to forget this.  I made a baby hat the other day and wondered whether I could use the same technique but didn't have the confidence to deviate and try it out (and I was in a hurr