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Jacket for Marcus (sewing for boys)

This is another from Sewing for Boys  by Shelley Figueroa and Karen LePage. It's the 2-in-1 jacket, modified a bit to make it non-reversible. It supports running... I modified the jacket because I wanted to put lining fabric in the sleeves.  Last year I made the MakeItPerfect Downtown Boy jacket, which is also reversible (pre-blogged).  It was a great jacket and looked fantastic on both sides, but it was a pain to get on and off when he was wearing a jumper or something grippy.  He is in the "I can do it myself" phase and so anything to make this process easier is probably worth the effort! Works for looking super cute on a rocking horse... I made the outside in black pin-whale corduroy.  I love how this looks, except that it picks up every single bit of lint which in my house are all suddenly white or light coloured. The sleeves are lined in black acetate lining fabric, which I cut a few inches shorter and then attached a strip of corduroy to th

Mummy-ness: party bags and twirly fairy dresses

This is a post I feel I already wrote, but can't find in the published list.  Am clearly not entirely with it... So the young lady of the house turned five on 12th May.  She is now especially big and important and grown-up.  Someone at another birthday party asked their son to move "out of the little girl's way" the other day, and she turned to him and solemnly informed him that "actually, I am five years old".  Apparently a little girl no more :) I, on the other hand, consider five to be the perfect little girl age.  They are worldly enough to know what is special effort (hand making stuff for them for example - hurrah!) and innocent enough not to think it's daggy or to have to not be excited by anything.  For her party I organised a fairy to come to our house.  Happily we have a biggish house and ten kids (including her and her brother) was considered sufficient (more than fourteen apparently incurs the need for an additional fairy...!).  I dug out

Superhero Costumes (The Incredibles)

When a five year old party called for superhero costumes I was a bit stumped.  We have lots of dress ups but nothing in the Spiderman or Superman vein, and superhero outfits for girls of that age are fairly thin on the ground (or astonishingly inappropriate).  Then my rather clever husband suggested The Incredibles - not only girls and boys but easy-peasy and something they know about/love! And here are my little super heroes about to leave for the party: Apparently these are superhero poses...(!) I bought red tights and red long sleeved tops in the appropriate sizes from Target.  I used black underpants they already had over them and tucked the tops into the tights (nice...).  Then added some lycra knee-highs which are adult sized but still worked doubled over at the top for the "boots". The crafty bit was to make their masks and the Incredibles logo.  For the mask I traced an existing mask we had onto two layers of soft black jersey which  I had fused together.  

Two exciting Hobart developments!

I have been on mission finish-some-things-off recently.  I have been successful, but managed to misplace the SD card for the no pictures until I give up on looking and buy another. Meanwhile two super exciting things have happened in Hobart in the past week or so.  Firstly, we have a new yarn/wool shop.  A new shop full of insanely gorgeous yarns.  Yarns you only read about.  Yarns to dream about.  The shop is called The Stash Cupboard (website inconveniently under maintenance when I went here earlier today; they are also on Facebook here .  The shop is light and airy and full of loveliness.  They have Cascade, Jo Sharp, Debbie Bliss and also a fair bit of locally produced yarn, one called (I think) Tarkine which was just beautiful.  I came away with three balls of Sausalito by Crystal Palace Yarns.  You can see the colour here .  I am going to use it to make these: I can't wait (in fac