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KCW 01/14: Day 1

This Kids Clothes Week is technically Winter but I am calling it 01/14, as it was over thirty degrees here today!  My mission is only to make one thing - a new raincoat for Issy. I did some prep before the week started - cutting out the main fabric.  I went away across the Australia Day long weekend so I knew I would only have a scant hour tonight. The main fabric is a soft greyish purple laminate I got from the Kelani fabric stall at the Melbourne Craft Fair last year.  I am using the Oliver + S School Days Coat pattern, which I have made previously for her. In the hour I managed to cut the lining and sew the hood. Annoyingly I even got the stitching around the edge done which looked great, but then I turned it over and I had managed to catch the lining folded over in the topstitching.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! SO I unpicked that (with no small amount of swearing) and then decided to call it a night.  I could imagine irritably resewing it and doing the same thing again if I

Go To Patterns - Casual Lady Dress

I liked the look of this one when it was released and bought it not soon after.  Lots of reviews saying how quick and easy and flattering this pattern is. It took me a while to get around to making this - I did the pattern piecing, tracing, adjustments and cutting in a short time, then of course got distracted by other things. Here is my first go at it.  Of course with my figure, this wasn't a quick and easy make at all.  I made the following adjustments: A full bust adjustment Added some extra width in the back (am not just large in the chest, I have big shoulders and a wide back - it's a winning combination...) Added some length (not enough, from the looks of these pictures) At that point, I sewed it up roughly (no facings, no finishing, long stitch) and tried it on.  HIDEOUS.  Like a big maternity sack thing.  In no way flattering or even comfortable.  I was kind of expecting this, as the difference between my waist and chest measurements is massive - like four

KCW: "Winter 2014"!

So from this point on, I will be calling it January 2014 KCW and NOT winter 2014.  While the Tasmanian weather has being doing it's best to convince us all it isn't summer, it has finally relented this week and we are getting some summery action! Having said all that, I have a single, rather wintery mission for this KCW.  I am going to make Issy a raincoat.  I will finally get around to using this fabric I got from the Kelani Fabrics bargain bin at the Melbourne Craft Fair last year: It is a lovely laminate in a soft grey (I think it looks more brown and darker than it really is in this picture) and should make a very stylish raincoat! I will be using the Oliver+S Schools Days Coat Pattern which I have a paper copy of (I think it's now only available digitally).  I have already made this coat once, which was this version: As you can see it was rather large when I made it, and in fact this still fits perfectly now.  I will put it on her again before I cut int

Christmas PJs

I loved the Elk Grove range by Jay-Cyn for Birch Organics, so soft and pretty (Here:, if there is any left!).  I decided to make some Christmas PJs for the kids and their friends from the range. I used the Alex and Anna Summer PJs for Marcus, and the GoTo Patterns Signature Dress for the nighties. I tried to talk them into some shirring at the waist, but apparently the victorian look is cool with six year olds :) They also swapped nighties just after the picture, as they apparently both preffered the other colour. Whatever keeps them happy...