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Finished Off! - Heidi and Finn Cowl Neck Jumper Dress

I have had this pattern for ages but haven't got around to making it until it was almost too late.  Issy will be five soon, but wears a size 7 or more, and this pattern only goes to a size 6 (oops!).  So I tried my hand at scaling a pattern up with excellent results :) I made this out of an owl fleece I found on special at Spotlight.  It's lovely and snuggly and makes a nice change from the usual pink she would choose :)  The pattern shows the dress in a plain red: but I think it works nicely in a medium sized print. To scale it up I did the following: I cut the two body pattern pieces on the fold but moved them in from the fold by about three quarters of an inch (so adding 1.5 inches in width to both pieces, in the centre of the pattern piece).  This only works because the pattern was straight at this point and the neckline wasn't too skewed by this.  I couldn't have done this with a v-neck without thinking a bit more carefully on this.


So I am meant to be making party bags for Issy's 5th birthday.  But instead I have made Marcus a coat (buttons yet to be finished), cut out a coat and dress for Issy, learned how to continental knit and have allowed myself to be totally distracted by Ric Rac patterns.  A friend at Brown Owls was making the Kinder Girls on Saturday and all of a sudden I found myself in possession of the Kinder Girls pattern: Picture Source:   And the Disco-Bot pattern: Picture Source:   Thank heavens I didn't see the Gulliver pattern there or I would be in possession of that too: And I recently invested in some of the Aneela Hoey A Walk in the Woods fabric range Picture Source: which means I really probably need to get