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Bringing blogging back!

My last post was April 2016.  Oops! Why have I not blogged for so long?  Because this is my 200th post!  Hurray for me :)   Except I got all overexcited by it, wanted to change the blog look and feel and then spent literally months waiting for husbandly assistance and lost impetus and interest. * facepalm * After writing a post for the Sewcialists blog I realised I was missing it a bit, so I changed the look and feel myself (#girlpower) and am back to sporadically blog about stuff I make.  Lucky you... While I was away, I did not lose interest in sewing however.  To avoid boring you with old posts you will have seen on Instagram anyway, here is handy catch-up collage: I am not the most prolific sewer, but that's a fair output in a year where we moved house and work got even busier. There are a couple of stand outs in there for me: Nick got lucky with a new raincoat (Burda 7780), a Thread Theory Fairfield shirt in a buffalo check and a new pair of jeans made from