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Buying no clothes for a WHOLE YEAR (2018 RTW Fast) - Quarterly Update!

Having been very scared of the RTW fast when I signed up, I have found the first quarter to be a breeze! I haven't felt like buying anything and am much more inspired to sew. I have made 4 finished items: They are the Style Arc Billie Top ( blogged here ), a Seamwork Aurora top to demonstrate piecing stripes to create chevrons ( for a Sewcialists post here ), the Paprika Patterns Jasper with crossover collar addition ( blogged here ) and a mystery garment which is a pattern test that hasn't yet been released. I have also progressed a Cashmerette Harrison shirt and Ames jeans after attending one of Jenny Rushmore's workshops in Sydney (aaaaaamazing), but they aren't finished so they will count in next quarter's round up. I do think I am still not sewing things I will wear a lot.  The jumper above is probably most likely to be worn, but it's not cold for very long here!  I need to still hone in on items which will be worn most and suit my style best.

My Me-Made-May Plan

I have never done Me-Made-May before, but feel like this year I am finally ready to give it a go! I will be blogging about my experience as a newbie over at The Sewcialists , but will link back here also. Here is my pledge for signing up: I, Chloe of @chloe_deadlycraft(IG) and, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '18. I endeavour to wear a handmade garment as many days as I can in May 2018, to wear each of my handmade items at least once and to make another version of something I already like to increase my TNT game! I have a few considerations for MMM going on in that pledge and wanted to break them down a bit: Pledge Component 1.  I want to wear handmade as many days as I can in May This will be tricky - I split what I wear into workwear and more casual for at home.  In both cases I don't have enough basics that can be worn more often:  for example, I don't have a pair of plain black or grey work pants that I have made. To c

Paprika Patterns Jasper Crossover Collar - Pattern Test

I am very lucky to have been able to test a fair few of the patterns from Paprika Patterns.  I really like this pattern company - I like that they are small and independent, and that they produce patterns according to their own rhythm rather than "having" to release each season. I also like their size inclusivity (though there is always more work to do on that score!) and the overall style of their clothes.  They tend to be simple but cool, funky without being ridiculous or difficult to wear. My latest pattern test for them was the crossover collar addition to their Jasper sweatshirt / sweaterdress .  Here it is from their store: and the line drawings And here is my version: Disclaimer:  this is my pattern testing version.  I know there were a few tweaks made in the final version, including to reduce the height of the collar. Second disclaimer:  I look very unhappy (or at least uninterested) in these pictures.  I am not!  I love this jumper - it's a w