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Penance: Pointless WIP Finishing

Some WIPs need to be finished in good time... This wasn't, and it doesn't fit :( Bad Mummy!  Mr Long-Arms is definitely NOT a size 4 anymore... He still really likes it, which makes me feel worse that he is going to be able to wear this for about ten minutes and not in public...oh well - at least I finished it! p.s. this was a knitting WIP blogged a loooooooooooooooooooong time ago from the French publication Bouton D'Or.  Still pretty cute considering...

Feed the Animals Purses and a birthday!

Phew!  Finally finished, and just in the nick of time: While I am sad that Amanda beat me to it (see her lovely purses here ), I managed to finish off all the party bags including Marcus' before the party!   This is the Feed the Animals pattern from Straight Stitch Society .  I made three dogs (well actually four, if you count my trial run which got a bit mucked up and was abandoned), four cats and a monkey.  While we are dog-people in this house, I feel like the cats and monkey look a bit more like the animals they are supposed to be.  I also think you could easily adapt this pattern to make rabbits or owls or whatever you like really.  (Well, maybe not long snout animals like horses and crocodiles...). I found the pattern pretty easy to follow (except for the first one where I totally mucked it up but that was my fault).  It is a pretty labour intensive process, as there is lots of cutting out teeny bits of felt and so forth.  I didn't manage to do pretty bl