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Let's Hear It For The Girls! Renfrew Top Muslin

So in my last post, I successfully tackled my very first FBA. Here it is again in case you missed and needed to marvel in its glory again: It's full...and it's busty... I cut the largest size (16) based on my high bust measurement, but also traced the lines of the size 14 as around the hips and waist they matched better. But what did the thing I made with it look like? I hear you cry: Mmmmm...shiny... As you can see, I didn't finish this top off completely (check out the left sleeve compared to the right...).  There were two reasons for this - most importantly, it is a muslin and I don't totally love the shininess of the fabric.  The second reason will become clear later. When I first tried it on I was quite happy with the fit (I would buy a top from a shop that fitted me like this) but on closer examination, I became less happy.  Here it is from the side: There is definitely too much pulling from underneath the bust all the way under the arm

Let's Hear It For The Girls! My first FBA...

Let's hear it for the girls! Not the small people girls, but The Girls, girls! Or really; let's not hear it for The Girls because frankly, they make my life harder.  They don't fit into most fitted shirts or dresses.  Those they do fit into, while still fitting my waist, look a bit obscene.  Buying a bra means I have to remortgage the house.  In short, big boobies are a PAIN (in the back). However.  The older I get, the happier I am with my body.  The Girls have seen me through thick and thin (some might say, mostly thick).  The Girls fed my babies.  Until my husband met me, he wasn't really a big boob kind of guy (am just assuming he is now hahaha!).  If there's a thing that I manage to pull off, it's being bigger in many ways (I am at least 6 foot tall, have size 11 feet and frankly, am kind of forceful of personality...) and The Girls are all part of that. So what is a girl with Girls to do?  I can do what I have always done; buy whatever fits me