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WIP - on the needles

This is the first year I have got my act together been a bit organised about what I might want to make for the upcoming season (winter).  In the knitting realm I am making the kids a couple of jumpers / cardigans each, plus some things for me as follows... What I want to make for Marcus (all from this Bouton d'Or French knitting book): Very cute and stripey and hopefully a quick knit, plus one of the ones below (not sure which yet).  Probably the zippy one in the middle on the left, though I like the beige coloured one the kid is wearing in the picture too.  I even have the wool bought for the stripey one, which represents supreme organisation for me! For Issy, I want to make one plainish (but looks lovely) cardigan like the one below. And again - I already have the wool (a total score at Evandale market).  I think this looks snuggly without being super bulky, partly due to the shape around the bottom edge. Excitingly, I am nearly finished the bolero the gi

Gorgeous new bag from "scraps"

It's maybe a bit of a stretch to call this a scraps project - it is made up of leftover bits of linen from my sister-in-laws quilt , but really the pieces I had left were quite large :) This is the free Amy Butler Blossom Bag pattern, made up in Duckcloth linen (mostly Boardwalk in Peacock - doesn't seem to be on their site anymore so may be out of stock?).  I got the pattern from Sew Mama Sew , but I think it's available from a few places. It's a pretty generous freebie - a large handbag or shoulder bag with magnetic snap and several divider compartments, one which is zip closed. Note my impressive zip compartment above :)  As you can see I made the interior a plain-ish dark teal cotton.  I really was using up what I had here so am pretty impressed with the results.  I had to slightly alter the handle construction so I could make each handle from two strips (as I didn't have enough of the linen to make both sides), and have the lining fab

The end of the quilt marathon - mum's "zen" quilt

I have never wanted to brave making my Mum a quilt.  This is not because she is particularly fearsome or wouldn't love anything I made her, it's just that we have slightly different tastes and I didn't to make her anything she didn't love. A while back she was flicking through a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and she made a passing remark on how lovely a quilt was in it.  'Ah-ha!',  I thought...I have her now!  I had a closer look and then feigned interest in the young girl type quilts which were on the preceding pages.  I asked to borrow the magazine for those, she handed it over and the promptly forgot it :)  My plan was in place... Fast forward some time later with her birthday approaching, and I made the quilt in a slight variation on colour to match her room colours better: This picture isn't so great due to the usual nighttime issues, but as you can see my version is a mix of blue, purple and green, which is fairly heavy on the purple.  Th

Another birthday, another monster...

Following up from Harry's Monster and Mollie's Monster was recently Tobi's turn.  The kids in question are three from the same family, so obviously Tobes couldn't be left out! Another from the same book - The Big Book of Knitted Monsters (bought by their mum who doesn't knit - how's that for a hint!): As before this pattern was easy to follow and to knit up.  I think the result it pretty cute (in a scary monster sort of a way...clearly!).  I used spotlight wool (Moda Vera pure new wool in orange and blue - as you can see).  The mouth is just felt cut into shape and stitched on.  The pattern calls for craft glue, though I just can't bring myself to do it for some reason. As with the others, I crocheted the eye patch rather than knitting (seemed a lot easier...).  The only issue I really had with this monster was how small he was, though to be fair, he is the size stated in the pattern (I just didn't read it!!).  He is tiny!  Abou