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Sapporo Coat or the magical 5-hour pattern!

Hi All We had to make an expected trip down to Tasmania this weekend and Tasmania in the middle of winter is VERY VERY COLD. I realised I don't really own a coat, which was going to be a problem.  Luckily, I had already bought the required ingredients for one a week ago, because we are heading to New Zealand (also VERY VERY COLD) soon. I decided to try the Sapporo coat from Papercut Patterns : I was a bit nervous heading into this one for a few reasons - one being that they don't quite go up to my size (nearly), the other being that the coat is one of those cool-looking cocoon things with lots of ease in it.  These styles are a bit hit-and-miss on me, as I am already large on top. Behold!  Success! I love it!  It's warm (wool from Tessuti's) while being not too swampy.  The style lines are just like the pattern cover and line drawings: The back is tres chic and cocoon-y without being sacky: It kept me warm in Hobart! I should note